Great team and the right technology to deliver amazing solutions.

About us

CW2 Solutions Limited is a software development company based in Sheffield, United Kingdom. We have a passion for using the right technology to deliver smart solutions in a timely no-nonsense fashion. Using agile practices, we're able to iterate fast and work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that they get the right solution for their requirements.

Our highly skilled team have a broad range of backgrounds delivering robust solutions, including:

  • CRM, enterprise integration and process improvement
  • International publishing platforms
  • Clinical service access
  • E-commerce and order fulfilment systems
  • High profile brand campaigns

We are Microsoft Partners which demonstrates our competency and expertise with Microsoft technologies. We have access to exclusive Microsoft resources and support which contributes to our capacity to meet our clients’ needs.

Our values

As a team we love what we do and get an immense sense of pride from delivering the solutions our clients need. We put people at the centre of everything we do, which is reflected in our core values:

  • Flexible - We adapt and tailor our services to our clients' business requirements and budget.
  • Transparent - We develop a shared understanding with our clients by being open and honest to ensure that we deliver the most appropriate solutions to their requirements.
  • Refined - We create experiences for users by designing aesthetically pleasing solutions that aren't just technically sound but are also easy to use and intuitive.
  • Dependable - We deliver on our promises and are there when our clients need us.

Our specialisms